Why we promote sports?

A different approach to development aid: the social importance of sport in a country with a youth unemployment rate of nearly 90%.

Whereas in Europe or America sport is often taken for granted, it has a much greater meaning for Tanzanians. Often it is their only hobby. The opportunity to do sports in a club provides stability in life and helps the youth to forget about their daily problems. However, most of them don’t have the chance to train regularly in a team due to the lack of playing fields and organized clubs. This is why we support the systematic development of the most popular team sports in the country: Football, Volleyball, Basketball and Netball.

How we promote sports?

Our goal is to establish a sustainable sports infrastructure with sports clubs that are comparable to European or American ones: with several teams across different age groups and genders for each sport.

Together with the City Council and the regional sports federations we build sports grounds, initiate the founding of sports clubs and provide them with essential training equipment. Furthermore, we train coaches holistically and hold workshops to teach kids, adolescents and young adults important life skills.


out of 50 million Tanzanians

People Living in Mwanza City

(2015, Wikipedia)


out of 187 countries

Human Development Index

(2014, UN)



Youth Unemployment Rate

(2013, Global Post)


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Average Birth Rate

(2012, World Bank)

Our Projects

1.) Building Sport and Community Centers

All districts in Mwanza are lacking quality sports grounds, while the limited existing spaces are in poor conditions: potholes, dirt mounds and puddles can be found everywhere. This is the driving force behind our goal to build 2-3 new sports centers every year, which can be used by schools in the morning and by clubs in the evening. Such a center costs around 55,000 Euros and will contain football pitches, along with basketball, netball, and volleyball courts. In November we have started building our first center:

1. Sport and Community Centers (17-18)

2. Sport and Community Centers (18-19)

Center Construction – Progress

2.) Establishing organised Sports Clubs in each district

Upon completion of these sports centers, clubs will get the playing fields as their home grounds when they create teams across different age groups and genders. Currently, most clubs only have senior men and U20 teams, so it’s important to establish youth and women teams as well. In this context our organizational support will ensure an efficient usage of the sports grounds. Our equipment donations will allow for quality, diverse trainings. Lastly, our coaching workshops will support both the sporting, and the personal development, of children and adolescents.

You can find more information about the clubs and the situation in each sport on our community pages:

Our Principles

  • * 100% of donations go into the charity work in Tanzania. Our European and American team members work unpaid, covering their own travel and living expenditures.

  • * We work according to local needs, not based on Western idealism.

  • * We partner with local municipalities and local sports associations.

  • * We carefully assess and monitor our approach to achieve sustainable progress in the city.

  • * We do not only want to talk about poverty-related problems which people face in Mwanza, but also about the happiness and solidarity that dominates their everyday life. The stories in our impressions section reflect this attitude. Throughout the time we spend in Mwanza, we learn how much people in Europe or America can learn from the Tanzanian culture, their attitude towards life and their understanding of happiness.


We are a combination of Tanzanian and International team members who have lived in Mwanza for our whole life, a few years, or several months. We have diverse experiences in development work and all share a common passion for sports and voluntary work.

The Sports Charity Mwanza is the result of a two-year pilot phase where we attempted several approaches. Since the beginning of the pilot stage in 2014, many young international volunteers and dedicated local sports ambassadors have joined our two founders, Rogasian and Jurgen.


Special Audience
By Sabine Raich / 16. May 2016

Special Audience

During every training session there are always little kids not involved who are playing football by themselves watching the training...

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Mama plays netball
By Sabine Raich / 15. May 2016

Mama plays netball

Every Saturday, Mama asked us for a ball. We always wondered, "why did she want the ball?" She takes care...

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Frank and his vision
By Sabine Raich / 8. May 2016

Frank and his vision

We know the power that sports have, but it is impossible to truly understand it until you see and experience...

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The first short movie shows our basketball volunteers during their daily work, when they give technical and organisational insights to the local coaches.

In our second short movie Janis and Mergim, two football volunteers, reflect their time in Mwanza. They talk about cultural differences, their work and personal learnings.

Our third short movie shows a typical day of two boys (12 and 17) who are still attending school and a jobless young female adult. All three are play football passionately.

Our 30-min documentary is about our first steps as Football Charity Mwanza. It combines the messages of the short movies and sets a special focus on giving girls access to sports.

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