Team Members

SC Mwanza Team

(we have to update the team page soon as our team has grown a lot since we put this website online 2 years ago)

We are Tanzanian and International sports ambassadors who realized how much we can achieve together. The close collaboration and right interpretation of each one’s culture is key in establishing such structures successfully. We must be open to learn from each other.


Juergen Seitz, Germany

Rogasian Kaijage, Football

Team Tanzania

Our Tanzanian Team members are volunteers representing their sports associations. Only our charity leader Rogasian gets a small compensation for his great work. Additional to our Tanzanian lead team there are many additional local coaches and representatives who also support us in installing our charity approach.

Almas Mosh, Football

Benson Nyasebwa, Basketball

David Mabula, Volleyball

Diana Deodatus, Basketball

Evodius Mtwala, Football

Frank Mganga, Volleyball

Hamad Ally, Football

Jamal Almas, Basketball

Kizito Bahati, City Council

Mama Marta, Netball

Mohamed Bitigeko, City Council

Zainabu Kusagu, Netball

Team International

All our International team members, including founder Jürgen, are volunteers who work unpaid and cover their travel and living expenditures themselves.

Alejandra Garcia, Spain

Antonio Munoz, Spain

Benedikt Tezak, Germany

Christoph Coura, Germany

Dennis Schlesinger, Germany

Dominik Glawogger, Austria

Dudley Langelier, England

Dustin Sauer, Germany

Elias Gaentzsch, Germany

Elisabeth Falck, Germany

Estelle Brulhart, Switzerland

Gustav von Zitzewitz, Germany

Janis Sepper, Germany

Johannes Klüpfel, Germany

Johannes Hettler, Germany

Jonas Diessner, Germany

Jonathan Merz, Germany

Jordi Razum, Germany

Julian Spanheimer, Germany

Lisa Seiler, Germany

Lukas Stellmach, Germany

Marco Mühlfeld, Germany

Martin Naujocks, Germany

Martin Grelics, Germany

Mergim Avdyli, Germany

Natalie Gibson, USA

Nico Balthasar, Germany

Norman Dold, Germany

Oliver Reim, Germany

Patrick Steinberger, Germany

Reed Fox, USA

Sabine Raich, Germany

Simon Feichter, Italy

Stefan Mersch, Germany

Tim Jost, Germany

Tim Bünting, Germany

Timm Weiner, Germany

Tobias Joha, Germany

Tom Kunz, Germany

Valentin Stark, Germany

juergenTeam Members