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Children in Mwanza are innovative. Since their parents often don’t have enough money to buy them a ball, they make one themselves using old plastic bags. They kick the ball, throw it or just play around with it. However, when they grow up they wish to play in a club on a proper pitch with a real ball. Unfortunately, organised sports clubs are missing and sports grounds are in bad conditions.

100% Donation Guarantee: All your donations flow into our work in Tanzania. All our international charity members work voluntarily and cover their travel and living costs themselves.

Donations Account

Account Owner (Charity): Mwanza e.V.

Purpose: Sports Charity Mwanza

Bank: VR-Bank Wuerzburg

IBAN: DE14 7909 0000 0005 2143 00


Our Sports Charity gets supported by “MWANZA e.V.”, a registered German charity from Mwanza’s sister city Wuerzburg, which consults, supports and initiates charitable projects in Mwanza. In the beginning of 2017 we will have our own charity account in Germany. Until then MWANZA e.V. forwards all your donations 100% to our work in Tanzania.

We use the German charity account since transfer costs for donations to Tanzania are significantly higher than transfer costs to Germany.