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Special Audience

During every training session there are always little kids not involved who are playing football by themselves watching the training at on one side of the pitch. Unfortunately, nobody takes care of them. Nowadays, in Mwanza there are not many teams for children who are younger than 16 years of age. The lack of infrastructure including pitches and club structures are currently missing to make it possible for them to train regularly at an earlier age.

However, these kids are still such an inspiration to all of us. Their only involvement is usually just bringing a ball back to the pitch when players miss during shooting drills. For them it is a joy to hold a ball for only a few seconds or to kick it a few times while bringing it back to the pitch. Our goal is to give them the chance to train regularly with proper equipment and infrastructure in a team in the near future. Just imagine how happy that would make them.

Sabine RaichSpecial Audience